Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro

Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro

AgreenSkills session, year: 1st session, 2014

Receiving laboratory: MICALIS Food microbiology and human health Jouy-en-Josas, France

Country of origin : Spain




Mobility project

Systems metabolic engineering for the production of lipids in Yarrowia lipolytica

My current research is focused in metabolic engineering of the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica to produce fuels and chemicals. My interests deal with the application of the recent advances in synthetic biology and systems metabolic engineering to improve the fitness of Y. lipolytica as a biotechnological chassis.

Biography & research interests

After completing two degrees in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at the University of Salamanca, Rodrigo obtained a MSc in Microbial Biotechnology at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He developed his PhD in the field of white biotechnology in the Metabolic Engineering group (Jose Luis Revuelta) at the University of Salamanca. He has been visiting researcher in EGE University(Turkey), Ghent University (Belgium), INRA (France), Chalmers University (Sweden) and Tsukuba (Japan). At the moment he is a postdoc researcher in Paris, in the group of Jean-Marc Nicaud, and he is currently doing metabolic engineering and synthetic biology to produce high value chemicals and fuels in yeasts.

Selected publications

Remi Dulermo, Heber Gamboa-Meléndez, Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro, France

Thévenieau, Jean-Marc Nicaud. Unraveling fatty acid transport and activation

mechanisms in Yarrowia lipolytica. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)

Awards & patents
  • JAE Intro fellowship
  • Collaboration grant MICINN
  • Summer research internship at EGE University, Turkey