Miguel Angel Rosales Villegas

Miguel Angel Rosales Villegas

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2013

Receiving laboratory: B&PMP Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Physiology Montpellier, France

Country of origin : Spain

E-Mail: miguel.rosales@supagro.inra.fr



Mobility project

Hormonal regulations of aquaporins and root hydraulic architecture: their role in water deficit tolerance

The present project aims at understanding mechanisms that determine the root hydraulic architecture, looking at the effects of auxin and ABA on aquaporin function in the lateral root formation, signaling, root architecture and their interactions by a combination of developmental biology, genetics, genomics, biophysics and mathematical modelling. Subsequently, the effects of water deficit will be integrated at the whole root level, by a combination of root phenotyping and quantification of root hydraulic conductivities, which will be incorporated into a mathematical model. Thus, the present work will contribute to an existing functional/structural model of root water transport by integrating novel hormonal and drought stress-dependent regulations.

Biography & research interests

My research experience is focused on the study of physiological, biochemical and molecular responses of higher plants to abiotic stress, with emphasis on drought tolerance and its effects on crop production and quality. Since the beginning of my career, I have published 25 articles in peer-reviewed journals (8 as first author), written 2 books and 6 book chapters as first author, and contributed with 28 presentations in international conferences (11 as first author). Furthermore, I have supervised 2 theses (master and PhD), and taught in different Master’s courses. During my PhD, defended in 2008 (University of Granada, Spain), I studied the effects of different experimental greenhouses on physiological and metabolic responses of tomato fruits to environmental stress, such as antioxidant metabolism, sucrolytic activities, proline metabolism, cell-wall pectins degradation, and the accumulation of compounds that can influence the nutritional quality of tomato fruits. Afterwards, I decided to strengthen my skills in plant molecular physiology and performed a postdoctoral position in the Biotechnology Institute (UNAM, Mexico), studying the molecular and functional characterization of two repressor DEAR transcriptional factors in response to water deficit and Group 6 LEA proteins. In addition, a physiological analysis of common bean cultivars allowed me to uncover critical traits related to terminal drought resistance. Lately, in the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology (CSIC, Spain), I have studied the effect of chloride anion homeostasis on plant water balance and functionally characterized two anion transporters involved in water relations and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Selected publications

Colmenero-Flores JM and Rosales MA (2014) Interaction between salt and heat stress: when two wrongs make a right. Plant Cell Environ. (in press; doi: 10.1111pce.12229)

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E-Mail: miguel.rosales@supagro.inra.fr

Website(s): http://www1.montpellier.inra.fr/ibip/bpmp/english/index.htm

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