Marion Sautier

Marion Sautier

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2014

Receiving laboratory: Centre for Sustainability (CSAFE), University of Otago, New Zealand

Country of origin : France




Mobility project

A retrospective analysis of the New Zealand transition towards sustainable winegrowing practices

My mobility project aims to identify success factors and barriers hindering sustainability program adoption in relation to the use of sustainability assessment tools and farmer participation. This project is based on a case study of the New Zealand Wine industry, an industry which has been developing sustainability programs for 20 years and which has now up to 94% of its area certified ‘sustainable’. By mixing bibliographic work, stakeholder interviews, observation of industry-driven workshops and participatory workshops, I expect results that could support agricultural industries committed to enhancing their sustainability.

Biography & research interests

My research in Systemic Agronomy questions ways of informing and facilitating transitions towards a more sustainable agriculture. I am seeking to assist agricultural practitioners and policy-makers in their decisions by providing them with relevant information, methods and tools. I am particularly interested in understanding farmers’ motivations and barriers to practical change.

After obtaining a degree in Farming Systems and Territorial Management (ENSAT, France), I started a PhD under the supervision of Michel Duru (UMR AGIR) and Roger Martin Clouaire (UR MIAT) at INRA Toulouse. I analysed the impact of climate change on grassland-based livestock farms and developed a participatory method to design livestock farms adapted to new climatic conditions. Using the NZ wine industry as a case study, I am now researching how collective initiatives around sustainability issues can lead farmers to change their practices at the farm level. More precisely, I study how sustainability assessment tools and the level of farmer involvement in their design impacts their outcomes (tool adoption, changes in farming practices and changes in farmers’ views on sustainability). I am carrying out this work in collaboration with the Sociology Department of the University of Otago (New Zealand), so I am adquiring general knowledge of social science theories and methods.

Selected publications

Sautier M, Piquet M, Duru M, Martin-Clouaire R. (Under review) Sequential participatory design to adapt livestock systems to climate change.

Sautier M, Duru M, Martin-Clouaire R. 2013. Use of productivity-defined indicators to assess exposure of grassland-based livestock systems to climate change and variability. Crop and Pasture Science 64:641.

Sautier M, Martin-Clouaire R, Faivre R, Duru M. 2013. Assessing climatic exposure of grassland-based livestock systems with seasonal-scale indicators. Climatic Change 120:341–355