Malik Aamir Shehzad

Malik Aamir Shehzad

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2016

Receiving laboratory: BIA Biopolymers - Interactions and Assemblies Research Unit Angers-Nantes

Country of origin : Pakistan




Mobility project

Elaboration of specific tool for modelling knowledge on wheat flour dough behaviour during bread making process by implementing different formulations and processing conditions

Dough mixing and processing conditions play an important role affecting dough behaviour during subsequent steps of bread making, considered important for final texture, sensory and nutritional quality of baked products. These changes can be monitored by dough thermo-rheological properties, which are functions of wheat flour dough composition and processing conditions. Dough behaviour during mixing and fermentation has successfully been modelled for a single formulation, but dough formation and baking steps still need to be modelled in order to extend the existing Knowledge Based System (KBS). This project has been designed to assemble the existing knowledge on available models and to develop new and innovative Basic Knowledge Models (BKM) to control dough formation and baking. The knowledge integrated from professional expertise and scientific literature will be used to complete the modelling of bread making process. Besides, the project will involve the dough behaviour determination and the analysis of relevant structural changes during mixing, shaping, fermentation and baking in function of varying formulations and processing conditions, by implementing existing and developing novel scientific methods. These results will be compared to those obtained from the simulation of fermentation, shaping and baking, using the KBS. The KBS will be applicable to other kinds of dough during preparation of different bakery products. The project will also contribute significantly to extend the industrial know-how and professional knowledge. The involvement of different developmental partners from INRA, food industries and baking units will help to transfer and integrate the innovative tools for the uplift of food industries.

Biography & research interests

I am working as Assistant Professor at National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. I have acquired master (2007) and PhD (2010) in Food Science from University of Nantes, France and graduation from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan. I have been working on cereals, especially wheat since 2004. My speciality is on functional, textural and nutritional aspects of cereal based products. During my postgraduate studies, I have performed my research on solvent retention capacities of different wheat varieties in relation to their cookie making quality in collaboration with local industries in Pakistan. Dough behaviour and functional properties of wheat flour dough liquor were thoroughly investigated during master research at INRA, Nantes, France in 2007. While continuing the same domain during doctoral studies French bread making process was investigated where the steps of mixing and fermentation were successfully modelled. A specific protocol was developed to study the dough evolution during fermentation by using different mixing and formulation conditions. This work has resulted in research publications in internationally reputed journals like Food Research International, Journal of Food Engineering, Food and Bioprocess Technology, Carbohydrates Polymers and Trends in Food Science and Technology. I have been also invited to talk at various international conferences in Australia, Turkey, USA and The Netherlands. I have completed one US funded research project and currently running two projects as Principal Investigator which are being funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Selected publications

* Israr, T., A. Rakha, S. Rashid, A. Shehzad, W. Ahmed and M. Sohail. 2017. Effect of basil seed gum on physico-chemical and rheological properties of bread. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. 41(5). 1-12. DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.13128;

* Shoaib, M., A. Shehzad, M. Omar, A. Rakha, H. Raza, H. R. Sharif, A. Shakeel, A. Ansari and S. Niazi. 2016. Inulin: properties, health benefits and food applications. Carbohydrate Polymers. 147: 444-454;
* Israr, T., A. Rakha, M. Sohail, S. Rashid and A. Shehzad. 2016. Salt reduction in baked products: Strategies and constraints. Trends in Food Science and Technology. 51: 98-105;
* Kansou, K., H. Chiron, G. Della Valle, A. Ndiaye, P. Roussel and A. Shehzad. 2013. Modelling wheat flour dough proofing behaviour: Effects of mixing conditions on porosity and stability. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 6(8): 2150-2164;
* Shehzad, A., H. Chiron, G. Della Valle, B. Lamrini and D. Lourdin. 2012. Energetical and rheological approaches of wheat flour dough mixing with a spiral mixer. Journal of Food Engineering. 110(1): 60-70;
* Shehzad, A., H. Chiron, G. Della Valle, K. Kansou, A. Ndiaye, A. L. Réguerre. 2010. Porosity and stability of bread dough during proofing determined by video image analysis for different compositions and mixing conditions. Food Research International. 43(8): 1999-2005.

Awards & patents

* Awarded with Post-Doctoral Fellowship by Agreenskills to be conducted in France. November 2017 to April, 2019;
* Awarded performance based increments for consecutive five years while working as Assistant Professor on Tenure Track System (2011-2015);
* American Association for Cereal Chemists International (AACCI) student travel awards for 2009 and 2010;
* Won highly competitive overseas scholarship from Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan for master and doctoral studies in France (2006-2010);
* Merit scholarship holder for consecutive six years in University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan (2000-2005).



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