Luyuan Qi

Luyuan Qi

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2015

Receiving laboratory: UMR BioEpAR Bio-aggression, Epidemiology and Risk Analysis in Animal, Nantes

Country of origin : Sweden




Mobility project

Model BVDV - Modelling the spread and control of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) in a heterogeneous and dynamic bovine metapopulation: from data - driven to theoretical models

At a regional level, there are many different and interacted farms. How to better understand the infectious diseases (such as BVD) spread in a metapopulation at a regional scale motivated this work.

In this project, we establish a multiscale model of BVD spread and control between cattle farms at a regional scale. Herd specific characters are taken into account by using the database describing the cattle life trajectories. Two scales are considered: within and between–herd scales, modelling the dynamic of each herd and the interactions between different herds, respectively. Both within-herd and between-herd models are established according to the information obtained from database. Based on the multiscale model, BVD spread at a regional scale will be studied and analysed. Several control strategies will be tested and optimized. The parameters used in the model will be estimated in terms of distribution. We will develop an analytical model from the multiscale model and also from the estimated parameters.

Biography & research interests

I got my PhD in applied mathematics in 2014 in Northwestern Polytechnical University. My topic during PhD is to theoretically predict and optimally control the responses of stochastic nonlinear dynamic systems. We developed a theoretical framework to predict noise driven prey-predator ecosystem. And we developed an optimal feed-back control strategy to control system responses. After that, I did my first postdoc in KTH, in the area of modelling large scale crowd and optimal control design. We proposed an optimal control strategy by using the crowd density for the first time. I am currently working on the modelling of BVD spread and control between cattle farms at a regional scale. This model is developed with a large database.
My research interest is in the area of complex system modelling (especially data-driven model), analysing (data analysing) and control with realistic backgrounds.

Selected publications

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