Gerardo López

Gerardo López

AgreenSkills session, year: 1st session, 2013

Receiving laboratory: Amélioration Génétique et Adaptation des Plants Méditerranéennes et Tropicales, Montpellier, France

Country of origin : Italy




Mobility project

Response to soil water scarcity of an apple core-collection: high-throughput phenotyping for genetic analysis of the morphological and functional responses of one-year old apple trees

The project aims at characterizing the diversity of responses of several one-year-old French apple cultivars to water stress. I will evaluate the effect of water stress in tree morphological development (growth, leaf area, total biomass) and leaf functioning (water potential, stomatal regulation and transpiration). Genetics tools will be also used to identify alleles that may be related with water stress tolerance. This project will allow introducing tolerance to water deficit as a new selection criterion for apple tree.

Biography & research interests

Research carrier oriented in crop physiology in fruit orchards. My carrier as researcher has been developed during 10 years in four important places for fruit tree research: Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA-Lleida, Spain), 5 years; University of California, Davis (USA), 2 year; University of Bologna (Italy), 1 year; and INRA-Montpellier (1 year and a half) where I developed the AgreenSkills project. My major contribution to this field has been to understand the effects of water stress, high air temperatures, and solar radiation on fruit crop production and the quality of fruit. I also studied source-sink relationships in fruit trees. I am developing and using crop models to integrate physiological knowledge at the whole-tree level, under different environmental conditions and over several years. My major goal is to understand the effects of multiple environmental conditions on fruit orchards and to provide information on how to manage fruit trees under climate changing scenarios. I am currently working at IRTA.

Selected publications

Lauri, P.E., T.S. Barigah, G. Lopez, S. Martinez, P. Losciale, M. Zibordi, L. Manfrini, L. Corelli-Grappadelli, E. Costes, J.L. Regnard. 2016.
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Marsal, J., J. Casadesus, G. Lopez, M. Mata, J. Bellvert, J. Girona. 2016.
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Lopez, G., B. Pallas, S. Martinez, P.E. Lauri, J.L Regnard, C.E Durel, E. Costes. 2015.
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PLoS ONE 10(12):e0145540. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0145540.

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Awards & patents

Extraordinary doctorate award – University of Lleida




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