Federica De Marco

Federica De Marco

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2013

Receiving laboratory: IJPB Institut Jean-Pierre BOURGIN Versailles-Grignon, France

Country of origin : Italy

E-Mail: demarco.federica@gmail.com



Mobility project

Molecular analysis of phloem tissue and its interaction with phytoplasmas. Investigations on sugars transporters and genes involved in carbon allocation

Phloem is the plant vascular tissue used to translocate photoassimilates. This tissue consists in highly specialized cells that permit the transport of sugars and other molecules from leaves to sink organs.

The transport of sugars is a complex mechanism and several different proteins are involved. Phloem functions can be altered by plant pathogens as phytoplasmas and abiotic stresses. The project will focus on the comprehension of transport mechanisms and the impairment of phloem function and carbon allocation under stress conditions.

Biography & research interests

Federica De Marco has graduated in Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Udine (Italy) in 2009. She has obtained her PhD from the doctoral course “Agriculture Science and Biotechnology” at the University of Udine (2011-2013).

The title of the PhD thesis was “Stolbur phytoplasma and its interactions with the phloem tissue”. Her research interests relate to the interactions between pathogen and plant host. Phytoplasma infection severely affects the quantity and quality of several crop species. The comprehension of molecular mechanisms involved in the disease process caused by phytoplasmas was the topic of the PhD project. Studies were conducted integrating microscopy and molecular biology techniques.

Selected publications

Santi S, De Marco F, Polizzotto R, Grisan S, Musetti R. (2013). Recovery from stolbur disease in grapevine involves changes in sugar transport and metabolism. Frontiers in Plant Science vol 4, 171.

Santi S, Grisan S, Pierasco A, De Marco F, and Musetti R. (2013). Laser microdissection of grapevine leaf phloem infected by stolbur reveals site-specific gene responses associated to sucrose transport and metabolism. Plant, Cell & Environment 36, 343-355.

Musetti R, Buxa SV, De Marco F, Loschi A, Polizzotto R, Kogel KH, van Bel AJE. (2013). Phytoplasma-triggered Ca2+ influx is involved in sieve-tube blockage. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 26, 379-386.

Musetti R, Farhan K, De Marco F, Polizzotto R, Paolacci A, Ciaffi M, Ermacora P, Grisan S, Santi S, Osler R. (2013). Differentially-regulated defense genes in Malus domestica during phytoplasma infection and recovery. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 136, 13-19.


E-Mail: demarco.federica@gmail.com

Website(s): http://www-ijpb.versailles.inra.fr/fr/nap/equipes/Genomique_Phloeme/index.html

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