Carlos Calvo Garrido

Carlos Calvo Garrido

AgreenSkills session, year: 1st session, 2014

Receiving laboratory: SAVE Vine Health and Agroecology Bordeaux Aquitaine, France

Country of origin : Spain




Mobility project

Development and formulation of bacterial Biological Control Agents (BCAs) to control Botrytis bunch rot of grapes (Botrytis cinerea) and their effects on grape berry microbiota

The use of antagonistic microorganisms represent a promising strategy to control fruit pathogens. The project is based on the study of bacterial Biological Control Agents (BCAs) against Botrytis bunch rot of grapes.

The objectives will be: 1) to develop recommendations for vineyard applications of bacterial BCAs based on a BBR disease risk model, 2) to develop formulations with natural products for field applications; 3) to examine the effect of BCA applications on berry microbiota.

Methodologies used involve different plant science areas and include classic microbiology, epidemics modelling and molecular footprint techniques. The results may have direct impact on the wine and viticulture sector.

Biography & research interests

Major Degree in Biology by the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), providing specialised background in Ecology, Evolutive Biology and Biodiversity, and with research work focused on organic agriculture.

Master in Research on Agricultural and Food Production by the University of Lleida (Spain), with research work on biological control of fruit pathogens using antagonist microorganisms.

Phd in Food and Agriculture Science and Technology by the University of Lleida (Spain), developing most of research work in the Postharvest Pathology group at IRTA-Lleida (Catalan Institute for Research & Technology in Food & Agriculture; Spain). Thesis title: Efficacy of alternative strategies to synthetic fungicides to control of Botrytis bunch rot (Botrytis cinerea) in organic wine grapes (Thesis supervisors: Dr. Neus Teixidó and Pr. Inmaculada Viñas). Other research topics also discussed: B. cinerea epidemiology, survival of Biological Control Agents (BCAs) under abiotic factors, sour rot of grapes.

Currently, post-doc position at UMR 1065 SAVE within the project entitled “Biocontrol strategies against Botrytis rot of grapes based on disease risk indicators and developing bacterial Biological Control Agents”, funded by INRA and the CIVB (Inter-professional Council of Bordeaux Wine) and under the supervision of Dr. Marc Fermaud.

Selected publications

Calvo-Garrido, C; Usall, J; Viñas, I; Elmer, PAG; Cases, E; Teixidó, N (2014) “Potential secondary inoculum sources of Botrytis cinerea and their influence on bunch rot development in dry Mediterranean climate vineyards.” Pest Management Science 70: 922-930

Calvo-Garrido, C; Teixidó, N; Roudet, J; Viñas, I; Usall, J; Fermaud, M. (2014) “Biological control of Botrytis bunch rot in Atlantic climate vineyards with Candida sake CPA-1 and its survival under limiting conditions of temperature and humidity.” Biological Control. 79: 24-35

Calvo-Garrido, C; Viñas, I; Usall, J; Rodriguez-Romera, M; Ramos, C; Teixidó, N. (2014) “Survival of the biological control agent Candida sake CPA-1 on grapes under the influence of abiotic factors.” Journal of Applied Microbiology. 117: 800-811

Calvo-Garrido, C.; Elmer, PAG; Viñas, I; Usall, J; Bartra, E; Teixidó, N. (2013). “Biological control of botrytis bunch rot in organic wine grapes with the yeast antagonist Candida sake CPA-1.” Plant Pathology 62: 510-519.

Calvo-Garrido, C.; Viñas, I; Elmer, PAG; Usall, J; Teixidó, N. (2013). “Candida sake CPA-1 and other biologically based products as potential control strategies to reduce sour rot of grapes.” Letters in Applied Microbiology. 57: 356-361



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