Benjamin Petre

Benjamin Petre

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2012

Receiving laboratory: The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, United Kingdom

Country of origin : France




Mobility project

High-throughput analysis of rust fungi candidate effectors in vivo

Rust fungi are plant pathogens that feed, grow and reproduce within the living tissues of their host. This biotrophic lifestyle relies on effector molecules, which are proteins secreted from the fungi into host tissues to manipulate plant functions and promote fungal colonization. Although rust fungi are devastating crop pathogens, very few effector proteins are known. During my mobility project, I have initiated a screen of sub-cellular localisation of candidate effectors. Practically, I express effector candidate-fluorescent protein fusions in plant cells and observe fusion localisations by live-cell imaging. So far, 14 out of 42 fusions presented an informative localisation at nuclei, nucleoli, nuclear speckles, cytoplasm, biological membranes, vesicles, and chloroplasts, which provides valuable information related to the possible virulence functions of these proteins inside plant cells.

Biography & research interests

I received an MSc in Molecular and Cellular Physiology of Plant-Microbe Interactions in 2009 and a PhD in Plant and Forest Biology in 2012 from Lorraine University (Nancy, France). I benefit from a 5-year position as a Young Scientist (Contrat Jeune Scientifique, 2009-2014) from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), where I work in the Tree/Microorganism Interactions (UMR IAM) laboratory (Nancy, France). Currently, I am executing my research at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, UK, with the help of an AgreenSkills fellowship. My research focuses on molecular plant-microbes interactions and more particularly on the effector biology of rust fungi.

Selected publications

AH-Y Lee, B Petre, Joly D (2012) Effector Wisdom. New Phytologist. 197: 375–377

B Petre, E Morin, E Tisserant, S Hacquard, C Da Silva, J Poulain, C Delaruelle, N Rouhier, A Kohler, S Duplessis (2012) RNA-Seq of Early-Infected Poplar Leaves by the Rust Pathogen Melampsora larici-populina Uncovers PtSultr3;5, a Fungal-Induced Host Sulfate Transporter. PLOS ONE. 8:e44408

S Hacquard, DL Joly, Y-C Lin, E Tisserant, N Feau, C Delaruelle, V Legué, A Kohler, P Tanguay, B Petre, P Frey, YV de Peer, P Rouzé, F Martin, R Hamelin, S Duplessis (2012) A Comprehensive Analysis of Genes Encoding Small Secreted Proteins Identifies Candidate Effectors in Melampsora larici-populina (Poplar Leaf Rust). Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. 25:279-293

S Hacquard*, B Petre*, P Frey, A Hecker, N Rouhier, S Duplessis (2011) The Poplar-Poplar Rust Interaction: Insights from Genomics and Transcriptomics. Journal of Pathogens. doi:10.4061/2011/716041.

B Petre, I Major, N Rouhier, S Duplessis (2011) Genome-wide analysis of eukaryote thaumatin-like proteins (TLPs) with an emphasis on poplar. BMC Plant Biology. 11:33




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