Aude Remot

Aude Remot

AgreenSkills session, year: 1st session, 2013

Receiving laboratory: Inflammation Research Center, Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), Ghent, Belgium

Country of origin : France




Mobility project


I worked 6 months in Gent (Belgium) in the Laboratory of Immunoregulation and Mucosal Immunology, headed by Pr. Bart Lambrecht, in the group managed by Pr. Hamida Hammad. They are internationally recognized as expert in lung immunology, respiratory disorders and dendritic cell-epithelium cross-talk. Their competencies in immunology are an important added-value for my research project on the influence of lung microbiota on neonatal immunology. This mobility period during my post-doctorate will boost my education and help to enhance my international network.

Biography & research interests

My passion for science and immunology is the reason why I have decided to specialize in life-science research. After my Master degree on Infectiology and Vaccinology, I succeeded a challenging competition to obtain a 5-years special contract financed by INRA, called “Young Scientist Contract”, which gives me the opportunity to build myself a coherent career plan. During my PhD, I worked in the Molecular Virology and Immunology department (INRA) on the neonatal sensitivity to a respiratory virus. For my post-doctoral period (started in March 2013), I pursue in this field and explore a new and promising area: the impact of the development of the lung microbiota on neonatal immunity. To obtain the expertise in microbiology required for the subject, I decided to work in the MICALIS INRA department, in an internationally recognized team dealing with commensals-host interactions (ProbiHôte). This innovative and multi-disciplinary project gave me the opportunity to become an expert in the field of lung microbiota and immunity of the respiratory tract. In 2015, I obtained a permanent researcher position (CR2 INRA) and I am soon going to join the team “Animal Mycobacterial Infection” in Tours-Nouzilly.

Selected publications

1-A. Remot, D. Descamps, L. Jouneau, C. Dubuquoy, S. Bouet, J. Lecardonnel, E. Rebours, C. Cherbuy, A. Petit-Camurdan and S. Riffault. Flt3 ligand improves innate responses to respiratory syncytial virus in neonate mice and limits lung disease upon reinfection.. Submitted to the Journal of Infection Disease.

2-MA. Rameix-Welti, R. Le Goffic, PL. Hervé, J. Sourimant, A. Remot, S. Riffault, Q. Yu, M. Galloux, E. Gault, and JF. Eléouët. RSV reporter viruses for in vitro and in vivo non-invasive imaging. Nature Communications 2014. Oct 3;5:5104. doi: 10.1038/ncomms6104..

3-A. Remot, X. Roux, C. Dubuquoy, J. Bernard, M. Moudjou, JF. Eléouët, S. Riffault and A. Petit Camurdan. Nucleoprotein Nanostructures Combined with Adjuvants Adapted to the Neonatal Immune Context: a Candidate Mucosal RSV Vaccine. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(5):e37722.

4-A. Remot*, X. Roux*, M. Abolhassani, A. Petit-Camurdan, M-A. Nahori, H. Kiefer-Biazzizo, G. Marchal, M. Lagranderie and S. Riffault. Neonatal pulmonary immune responses show a deficit of the conventionnal dendritic cell subset and a shift of cytokines and transcription factors towards Th2. European Journal of Immunology. 2011, 41(10):2852-61 (*co first author)

5-S. Ferret-Bernard, S. Lacroix-Lamandé, A. Remot, C. Metton, N. Bernardet, B. Charley, F. Drouet and F. Laurent. Mesenteric Lymph Node Cells from Neonates Present a Prominent IL-12 Response to CpG Oligodeoxynucleotide via an IL-15 Feedback Loop of Amplification. Veterinary Research. 2011;42(1):19.

6-S. Ferret-Bernard, A. Remot, S. Lacroix-Lamandé, C. Metton, N. Bernadet, F. Drouet and F. Laurent. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Strong Neonatal IL-12 Response of Mesenteric Lymph Node Cells to R-848. PLoS ONE. 2010,5(10):e13705.


Awards & patents

In 2015, I obtained a 1-year “Prematuration” grant based on the patentability of my post-doctoral work.

In 2014, I won a presentation award during the Word Immune Regulation Meeting (Davos, VIII WIRM, Workshop 6: Dendritic Cells)

In 2012, I received a travel award to attend the European Congress of Immunology (ECI2012) from the French Society for Immunology (SFI) and the French Academy of Sciences.

In 2011, I received the first poster prize during my doctoral school annual meeting, which gave me the opportunity to present my work during a Cold Spring Harbor congress in New York the same year.




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