Anna Smetanová

Anna Smetanová

AgreenSkills session, year: 2nd session, 2013

Receiving laboratory: LISAH Interactions between Soils, Agrosystems and Hydrosystems Montpellier, France

Country of origin : Germany




Mobility project

Comparative analyses of factors determining soil erosion rates based on network of Mediterranean monitored catchments for the innovative, adaptive and resilient agriculture of the future

The project ”Comparative analyses of factors determining soil erosion rates based on the network of Mediterranean monitored catchments for the innovative, adaptive and resilient agriculture of the future” studies the interactions between soil erosion rates and land use management in a network of Mediterranean catchments under present-day and the future climate conditions. It examines possible soil erosion mitigation by management practices selected with regard to the prospects of ongoing environmental changes. The project represents a crucial step to develop modelling tools that ensure the adaptability and resilience of agriculture practices and secure functional agriculture in Mediterranean region in the future.

Biography & research interests

I am young researcher interested in soil erosion, human-environment interactions in agricultural areas and the adaptation of agriculture on climate and environmental change. I combine approaches of geomorphology, soil sciences, erosion measurements, geoarchaeology, erosion modeling and GIS. I aim to develop innovative scientific solution for sustainable, resilient and adaptive agriculture in the future.

Selected publications

1. Smetanová, A., Dotterweich, M., Diehl, D., Ulrich, U., Fohrer, N. 2013. Influence of biochar and terra preta substrates on wettability and erodibility of soils. Zeitschrift für geomorphologie (57) Suppl 1, 111-134., authors contribution:60%,20%,10%,5%,5%

2. Smetanová, A., Grznár, P., Burian, L., Horáčková, Š., Létal, A. 2012. Geoarchaeological interpretation of buried gully as a part of geomorphological research. Geographia Casoviensis (6), 1, 2012, 49-58.; authors contribution: 80%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%

3. Smetanová, A. 2011.The influence of agriculture on the tophography of lowland lossic hilly lands. A review. AGUC (55), 2, 2011, 265-281.

4. Smetanová, A., Šabo, M. 2010. Bright patches in Chernozems areas on loess – an evidence of soil erosion and relief changes. Studies in Geography (45), 2010, 143-152., authors contribution: 80%,20%

5. Rejman, J., Smetanová, A. 2010. Soil translocation under pre-sowing tillage operations on loess slope with various inclination. Studies in Geography, 45, 2010. 79-88., authors contribution:60%,40%

6. Smetanová, A. 2009 Bright patches on Chernozems and their relationship to the relief. Geografický časopis (Geographical Journal), (61) 3, 2009, 215-227.

7. Smetanová, A., Kožuch, M., Čerňanský, J. 2009 The land use changes in 20th century and their geomorphological implications in lowland agricultural area (Voderady, Trnavská tabuľa Table Plain, Slovakia). Geomorphologica Slovaca et Bohemica (2), 2009, 57-63., authors contribution: 60%, 20%, 20%.

8. Smetanová A. 2008. Contribution of water and tillage erosion to bright patches formation on the base of erosion modelling (Case study Trnavská pahorkatina Hill Land, Slovakia). Preliminary results. Landform Analysis (9) 2008, 45-48.

9. Smetanová, A. 2008. Contribution to the discussion on the origin of bright patches in loessic areas with Chernozems (Case study: selected part Trnavská pahorkatina Hill Land, Slovakia). In: 15th Internat. Congress of ISCO : Proceedings Volume (Budapest 18. – 23. 5. 2008). Budapest : Geographical Research Institute HAS.

Awards & patents

05/29/2007 Prize of the Rector the Comenius University in Bratislava for outstanding master thesis.